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Crisis Response and Communication Resources

AGC is pleased to provide you with a wealth of tools that any construction firm can use before, during and after any crisis situation. Scroll down the page or use the below nav bar to navigate to resources specific to:

Crisis Management Planning
Incident Response
Controlling Communication and Reputation
Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing
Managing Natural Disaster Impacts on Construction

Crisis Management Planning

How to meet the new or increased challenges for crisis management plans, including active shooters, risk of fatalities and addressing the media

Crisis Management Plans for Today’s Times

Learn how a national construction firm refined and developed a clear internal communication strategy that works for today’s times.

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Crisis Response Protocol (for jobsite, editable)

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Incident Communication (for jobsite, editable)

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How to Respond to Active Shooter

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Source: J.E. Dunn Construction

Handling a Crisis

How construction firms can best prepare for and handle the aftermath of a crisis. Ranging from the logistical implications of crisis preparedness as well the imperative to address the psychological and emotional repercussions of jobsite accidents.

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Source: AGC ConstructorCast

Active Shooter Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation

Because active shooter attacks are dynamic events and often conclude in the first 10-15 minutes of the incident, preparation is key to mitigating the impact of an attack.

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Source: New York City Police Department

Responding to a Crisis: How Human Resources Can Make Things Better, Not Worse

Crises can hit at any time, and individuals involved in human resources are usually — and rightly — on the front lines of working with a company’s management team to address the challenges that any present.

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Source: Constructor Magazine


Incident Response Tool

CrisisDriver is an industry-focused incident response software solution that enables AGC member companies to quickly and efficiently respond to and manage negative events.

The CrisisDriver platform will provide a customized suite of pre-loaded crisis communications tools tailored specifically for AGC members, including a customizable crisis communications action plan, pre-loaded industry resources, media monitoring, risk management best practices, construction-industry messaging and templates, and much more.

Controlling Communication and Reputation

During times of crisis, it can be difficult for executive teams to gather information and respond quickly enough to react to rapidly changing situations in real time. Driving decisions and communication through a more focused, nimble leadership team can be a more effective way of staying agile as new information presents itself.

Controlling Communication and Reputation

Learn communication tips, techniques and tools that contractors can use before, during and after any unfortunate incident to protect their hard-earned image and reputation.

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Source: AGC ConstructorCast

Leading Your People and Organization Through COVID-19 - Part 1

This article explores five key components of strong communication that will help leadership navigate the uncertainty and ensure a more well-positioned organization on the other side of the crisis.

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Source: FMI Corporation

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing

Members of your construction team may be grappling with the effects of an unfortunate workplace event long after the incident has been addressed. Learn how to identify helpful resources in advance, plan for these indirect human impacts, and re-orient after a crisis.

Self-Report Rating Scale

Evaulate a list of problems and complaints that employees sometimes have in response to stressful life experiences.

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Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

After the Crisis Checklist

How to identify and manage the human impact on survivors, family, co-workers and the community.

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Source: Tricia Kagerer, Jordan Foster Construction

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP)

AGC is a member of CIASP with the goal of providing information and resources for suicide prevention and mental health promotion in the construction industry. AGC currently serves on the Industry Influencers Task Force and the Education Task Force of the CIASP.

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Post Crisis Human Mitigation Plan

Identifying and managing the human impact on survivors, family, co-workers and community.

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Source: Tricia Kagerer, Jordan Foster Construction

Culture of CARE

AGC’s Culture of CARE initiative helps construction firms create diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive work environments. Provide your employees with access to tips and tools for dealing with stress and anxiety to ensure your company culture remains intact during a time of crisis.

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Managing Natural Disaster Impacts on Construction

This two-part podcast series discusses how natural disasters affect construction; pre-loss planning; lessons learned in mitigating losses – including insurance considerations before the event; and challenges in restoration and resumption of business operations, immediately post-impact.

Natural Disaster Impacts On Construction Projects PART 1

Learn best practices on preparing for and mitigating the impacts of a natural disaster natural – including insurance considerations and lessons learned in mitigating losses.

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Source: AGC ConstructorCast

Natural Disaster Impacts On Construction Projects PART 2

Gain expert advice on how to navigate through a complex property and/or business interruption claim, common insurance policy coverage issues, and strategies to full recovery after a natural disaster.

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