Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a commitment from the facility that the practices they are advertising today will still be in place at the time of the conference?

The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point has committed to maintaining its current Safety Guidelines until there is a material change in risk. At this point, we are not expecting such a change in advance of the conference.

Does AGC plan to implement any of its own COVID-19 measures in addition to the hotels?

Hyatt’s Safety Guidelines are broad and cover the public spaces (indoor and outdoor areas) and the meetings/event space. AGC is considering whether to implement additional measures in the meeting rooms (in addition to physically distanced seating) to address traffic flow into and out of meeting rooms. Also, we will make a mobile App available to facilitate Q&A during all sessions.

What entity is responsible for the enforcement of the masking protocols? The Hyatt protocols are clear, but it’s also clear to me that the attitude towards masking varies dramatically by region. What is the position and role, if any, for this aspect of safety and hygiene on the part of the AGC?

UPDATE 5/20/2021: The Hyatt has lifted its mask mandate for vaccinated patrons. Anyone who has not been vaccinated will still be required to wear a mask, per the resort’s Safety Guidelines. AGC wants to assure all our conference attendees that seating arrangements will remain socially distanced for your safety.

Both AGC of America staff, as well as Hyatt Regency Coconut Point staff, will be enforcing the mask protocols during AGC’s conference.  Masks will be required at all times by all guests throughout the resort with certain limited exceptions: masks are not required while eating or drinking in restaurants and bars, while seated outside in a pool chair, and possibly for individuals who remain seated in a physically distanced way during a business session.  All meeting rooms will have a mandatory mask section large enough to accommodate everyone who wishes to be seated in such an area.

What is the maximum capacity for attendees at the conference?

AGC has access to the majority of the meeting space at the hotel, and in taking full advantage of that space, we will be able to accommodate 325 to 350 in a physically distanced way.

Is the Hyatt testing its own employees for COVID-19?

Temperature checks are taken daily at the Hyatt’s employee entrance for all employees and all vendors working on the property. Should an employee test positive, the Hyatt notifies the department of health and performs contact tracing.

Is there a plan for contact tracing if a conference attendee confirms a positive test?

Should an attendee at the conference exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the conference, AGC would engage the hotel’s assistance in making the guest comfortable/quarantined in their guest room, notify the department of health and/or arrange with the Hyatt, if necessary, to take the attendee to Lee Health Coconut Point for COVID-19 testing.  Should someone test positive during the conference, AGC will make an announcement to that effect and proactively attempt to identify anyone who has been in contact with that person.