2020 General Sessions

General Session:  An Economc, Political and Business Risk Review

Part 1 – The Economic and Political Outlook

 An update on policy and politics in Washington, DC in the midst of accelerated action on numerous domestic and trade policy issues.  You will also gain insight into how we should be thinking about the economic outlook with the Federal Reserve poised to hold interest rates steady for 2020, as the unemployment rate hits new lows.

Joan Woodward – The Travelers Companies, Inc.

General Session:  An Economic, Political and Business Risk Review

Part 2 – The Results of the Latest AGC/FMI Survey on the Risk Environment

An update on the business risks for construction contractors and their partners in the field of construction risk management.

Ryan Howsam, FMI Corporation
Sabine Huynen Hoover, FMI Corporation

General Session:  Surety and Insurance Market Forecast

Surety and Insurance Market Forecast: Rates, Underwriting and Coverage

The longest “soft” market is ending, and a hard insurance market is here. While not all lines of coverage are experiencing the same level of market swing at the moment, contractors of all levels should prepare for tighter underwriting requirements, increased rates, and more stringent coverage terms and conditions. This panel will provide pragmatic risk management information and practical tips on how to prepare for the changes ahead, and how to help your firm and its business partners (both upstream and downstream) mitigate the impact and work for success in the coming cycle.  The panelists will explore:

  • Market cycles and why this one will be different.
  • How to position your firm for the changes in the insurance market.
  • Pragmatic steps to mitigate the impact of likely underwriting changes.
  • Pragmatic steps to mitigate the likely increases in pricing and rates.

David Dolnick – Dolnick Risk Advisors (Moderator)
Brian Cooper – Arthur J. Gallagher & Company
William (Bill) Noonan – Alliant Construction Services Group
Megan Remley – Lockton Companies
Troy Wagener – BXS Insurance, Inc.

General Session:  Alternative Dispute Resolution (CLE)

Show Me the Money-Now! Tips & Case Studies on Resolving Complex Construction, Surety & Insurance Disputes Quickly & Effectively

Protracted and costly disputes remain a major concern for the construction industry where time truly is money. Since most cases eventually settle before the trial or arbitration hearing, shouldn’t companies and their attorneys prioritize, plan and implement strategies for resolving disputes as early as possible, before the costs, disruption, and risks mount? This panel program will offer tips and innovative mediation and other ADR processes, as well as strategies for resolving disputes quickly and fairly among contractors, subcontractors, insurance carriers, and sureties. The panelists will explore:

  • Key statistics demonstrating the critical importance and benefits of planned early dispute resolution.
  • Processes for resolving disputes cheaper, faster and better through early active evaluation and engagement of key stakeholders.
  • How to implement early dispute resolution as a business strategy.
  • Tips and techniques for maximizing mediation success when negotiating with sureties and insurers.

Scott Gurney – Gurney Dispute Resolution LLC (Moderator)
Adrian Bastianelli, III – Peckar & Abramson, P.C.
Leslie King O’Neal – Brasfield & Gorrie, L.L.C.
Steve Nelson – Markel Surety, SureTec Insurance Company
Lee Shidlofsky – Shidlofsky Law Firm PLLC

General Session:  Women in Construction

Building the Bridge: Attracting, Promoting and Supporting Women in the Construction Industry

One of the biggest risks for the future of construction is the talent shortage. The lack of talent has created the risk of higher prices, missed business opportunities, exposure to subcontractor default and safety issues. Women continue to gravitate to lower paying caregiving roles such as teaching and healthcare. By creating a targeted effort to “build a bridge” in the construction industry for women to enter the construction field at all levels, we eliminate the limited work force risk and simultaneously create future career paths for women.  During this session, the panel will:

  • Identify unconscious bias tendencies that impact both men and women from pursuing and promoting women in leadership roles.
  • Discuss the “only” phenomenon when one woman achieves a leadership position, which can lead to barriers for other women to join.
  • Explore women’s own inhibitions and prohibitions that deter them from entering non-traditional roles in the workplace.
  • Provide specific tools for men and women to work together to break down barriers and build a bridge to promote room for everyone.

Karen Keniff – CNA (Moderator)
Tricia Kagerer – Jordan Foster Construction
Grace Herrera – Predictive Solutions
Josh Caudill – Safety Leadership Innovators, LLC